Our Choir Director

Jacqueline Larsen

Jacqueline, or Jaq (but never Jacqui!) has been directing choirs for over 20 years.  

Starting while at University in Edinburgh, Jaq has directed groups from 6 singers up to over 100 in pop, gospel and barbershop genres in the UK, Perth, Cairns and Brisbane.  She is the founder and current director of Soul Song Choirs, Viral Choir and Sound Avenue.

Jaq is passionate about getting people singing, regardless of musical experience or ability as she knows how much fun it is and how good it is for body, mind and soul.

She believes that songs are stories to be told and is happier when her singers perform with passion and conviction than with technical perfection.  She will work hard to get a great sound out of her groups but never at the expense of the singers’ enjoyment (well, nearly never…..!!)

Up until 2020, directing choirs was a part time passion but, having lost all her event work in March 2020 due of the COVID pandemic, she launched the Viral Choir and moved into full time choir direction.Jacqueline is a natural presenter and regularly delivers workshops on singing and creative thinking as she works to inspire others to find their voice.  She has also run numerous ‘pub choir’ style pop up singing events at festivals and conferences.