Our story so far…

The Moorooka District Community Choir started in April 2018. Our ‘launch’ event A night of singing – 17 March 2018 was very successful with nearly 30 people coming along. From the people who turned up that night we have the start of a vibrant choir.

The choir has grown out of the Moorooka Community Choir, which ran only for 2017 under the leadership of Yani.

When the Moorooka Choir ended, a bunch of us were determined to keep singing in our neighbourhood, and contribute to our community. After discussions, planning, support from Donna Bowe from Brisbane City Council, and some plain good luck we started up the MDC Choir.

Creating the choir

Everyone in the choir plays an important role in its success. Sometimes that includes organising logistics, sometimes it’s ideas, but always it’s the singing. We are all contributing to the choir’s sound, sense of fun and welcome to all who come to sing as part of the choir.

We’re looking forward to an exciting future. We look forward to growing in numbers and opportunities to sing.

Support for the choir

Thank you to Councilor Steve Griffiths, and the team in his Moorooka Ward office for their ongoing support of the choir, including from the Lord Mayor’s Community Fund.