2018 Performances

13 December 2018 – Family Christmas Show

Celebrating the end of Term 4, the end of our first year together as a choir, and Christmas, the choir invited friends and family for a Carols event. It was also an opportunity to send best wishes to everyone in our community and beyond. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks for your support.



An annual event organised by the Lions Club in Peggs Park, the Family Fun day was not only terrific for people with kids, but for the broader community to meet the various community groups in the neighbourhood.  This was another opportunity for the choir to entertain to our community, but also let people know about the choir. We performed late in the afternoon, as the birds were starting to warm up for their own dusk chorus.

A great start to our set, with the well known sea shanty Drunken Sailor. Here’s a less well known version, arranged by  Emily Crocker.

Our first gospel song This Train which we’d only started learning 3 weeks ago.

Most people think of Simon & Garfunkel’s version, but Scarborough Fair is an centuries old song with many versions. This is our rendition based on Roger Emerson’s adaptation and arrangement.


The weather was perfect for the first Moorooka State School Fete in six years. Wonderful for the choir to be invited to be part of the entertainment lineup. Especially because of our links to the school—some choir members have or had children there as students, and at least on of them went first went to school there in the 1960s!

The Moorooka District Community Choir has only been together for 12 weeks in total. Already we can see with Bellymama how we’re finding our groove and sound stronger.

Demonstrating with Lollipop how a song is constructed for a three part harmony. This looks like fun!

A new song we performed was Mercy, originally by Duffy.



Our world premier! Despite only having been together for 4 weeks, we took advantage of the opportunity to perform at the Chrome Street Fiesta. We had 3 songs—Innanay, Belly Mama and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Then together with our audience we workshopped another one – Lollipop. Some people in the choir had never performed in public before so well done!

The Fiesta is an annual event is Salisbury, and we’re looking forward to being part of the program again in 2019.

Performing Innanay at the Chrome Street Fiesta 2018

Performing Lion sleeps tonight at the Chrome Street Fiesta 2018

The audience were invited to join the choir to learn a new song. A good example of how in a short time can create a pretty good sound.